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New Church Building

**In order to be good stewards, we plan to begin the building process January of 2020.

God is working wonders in our Church. Our existing building is approximately 75 years old. Our Sunday morning service attendance has increased by approximately 50%. Our Sunday School attendance has more than doubled. Attendance of our Sunday Night and Wednesday night services has tripled. We have had new members join the Church for the past 6 weeks. We will have a Baptism service for 20+ people next week.
Needless to say, the Construction of a new church building is needed. The initial phase will include a multi-purpose auditorium, class rooms, a kitchen, and restrooms. The balance of the building will be built as funds become available. The initial phase will be approximately 8,000 sq. ft. and will be built on a slab. We have already raised approximately two-thirds of the projected amount of money needed to build the building.

New Construction

We are nearly complete, but are still in need of assistance to complete this 5300sqft facility. Thanks for considering us.

Under Construction: We Build Lives

Integrity Baptist Church
Project Proposal

Project Title: Under Construction: We Build Lives
Background and Rationale: God laid on Pastor Morris Johnson’s heart to become a “Church Planter”. In obedience to God’s call, Morris Johnson founded the Integrity Baptist Church in January 2013. On January 15, 2013, the incorporation documents were filed with the Secretary of the State. On February 17, 2016 at 9:00 a.m., Integrity Baptist Church purchased the Ivy Avenue Property in Hueytown, Alabama from the Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries. The current numerical membership is 30. The revenue received is not enough to fund the current renovation needs.
Our Purpose
As a new church plant, Integrity Baptist Church is a very special, family centered, lively, multi-cultural community with special emphasis on transforming lives through its board and diverse community focused ministry.
Our Religious Beliefs
We believe that every person has been called to worship and exalt God. Considering this truth, we as a local body are devoted to building a community of worshipers with a passion for God and compassion for people in our community and around the world.
Areas of Need
The Church structure was originally built in 1962; however, the foundation of the building was in-tact. The campus consists of is a two - story building and consists of 22, 000 square feet with children, youth and adult learning wings. The facility has plenty of room to plan, develop, disciple, teach and train; however, the current structural or renovation needs are critical to Integrity’s ability to fully impact these ministries. The needs are as follows:
1. There are eight (8) toilet facilities; however, the plumbing requires updating. Many of the bathrooms are closed for use because of overflow or back up issues.
2. The electrical systems in many parts of the building have become frayed or outdated and cease to work; such as the lighting in the fellowship hall consist of the “old florescent bulbs” for which replacement bulbs are no longer available.
3. The air conditioning and heating units in the adult and school age children wings have ceased to function and will require significant funds to replace the worn-out units.
4. The Youth Center requires dry wall and painting. Currently the paint is peeling off the walls. The hardwood floors in the Youth Center requires sanding and finishing.

Conclusion: We thank you for considering our request and are grateful for your willingness to assist “Build Lives” in the Hueytown Community.

Church renovation

We are a new church plant and recently acquired an older church building to house our church. It is in need of:
-a new roof
-new windows
-new siding
-repair and refinish of wood floors
-repair heating and air units and remove old duct work
-add a bathroom
-update electrical
-replace some foundation supports
-install sound equipment

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

concrete parking lot

Church desperately needs to redo the parking lot. At present it is asphalt and it is deteriorating. This church is a revitalization program through the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.

A/C for Saintuary

This church has been without A/C in their sanctuary for 4 months They have received several bids but still a $1000.00 short of their best bid. This is all the information I have at this time.

Bath House (demolition)

4-6 people skilled in carpentry for installation of exterior windows, doors and trim. Windows and doors cost approximately $6,000.

Teams may stay at the camp and are asked to contribute $35/night per person. Meals are provided Monday-Friday.

Dining Hall remodel (interior)

4-6 people to remove interior carpet; level the floor and install new underlayment; possible sheetrock replacement; install new carpet, baseboard and trim, and paint. Interior work costs approximately $7,000.

Teams may stay at the camp and are asked to contribute $35/night per person. Meals are provided Monday-Friday.

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of approximately 30 different buildings and structures. Team size will depend on the number of buildings each team paints. This can be an ongoing project as teams become available.

Teams may stay at the camp and are asked to contribute $35/night per person. Meals are provided Monday-Friday.

Financial need for camp

*Scholarship $195/child for a week.
*General use/Snow Plow truck: camp needs a new truck 3/4 or 1-ton, four-wheel drive, regular cab, dependable. Will accept either the vehicle or donations toward the purchase of a truck.
*Watercraft: paddle boats, canoes, row boats or kayaks. Will accept either the watercraft or donations toward the purchase of watercraft.
*Fishing gear and life jackets: sizes from child to adult. Will accept either the gear or donations toward the purchase of gear.
*Sports equipment: Will accept either the equipment or donations toward the purchase of the equipment.
*9-square in the Air: set-up for field play. Will accept either the equipment or donations toward the purchase of the equipment.
*Projector for Chapel: Will accept either the projector or donations toward the purchase of the projector.
*Paint (exterior and interior): Will accept donations toward the purchase of paint.
*Mattresses and mattress covers: Will accept donations toward the purchase of 60 standard twin mattresses and mattress covers.
*Dining hall chairs: Will accept donations toward the purchase of dining hall chairs, which cost about $20 each. Need 100 chairs.
*Pressure washer: Will accept either the washer or donations toward the purchase of washer.

Interior construction of nw education facility

Church can accommodate teams up to 30 people. The need is for skilled electricians, plumbers, HVAC installers, framers, sheetrock, painters, drop-ceiling installers and flooring installers. Work is also available for unskilled laborers, but each team should have a construction-savvy leader.

Teams will sleep at the church; showers and laundry are available on site. Teams will have use of a commercial kitchen and will be responsible for providing their own cooks and groceries.

Two 15-passenger vans are available for team use.

Site development for new education facility

Church can accommodate teams up to 30 people. The need is for professional heavy equipment operators for site development, as well as electrical plumbing and HVAC work that must be finished before other interior work is started. Work is also available for unskilled laborers, but each team should have a construction-savvy leader.

Teams will sleep at the church; showers and laundry are available on site. Teams will have use of a commercial kitchen and will be responsible for providing their own cooks and groceries.

Two 15-passenger vans are available for team use.

Relocation to larger campus

Building a new facility due to growth. We are contracting project ourselves. Doing as much with volunteers as possible.

On campus house renovation - Lodging & Full Service camping available

100 year old house moved to the camp property needs to be renovated for use. This project need to be completed by March 5th, 2020. No tools provided so please bring your own tools.

Electricians – Multiple electrical issues need to be addressed. Install new light fixtures, wall plugs and light switches.
Carpenters – Bedroom walls, a closet and an air conditioning chase need to be built. Installation of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity, counter tops, moldings, trim, doors.
Drywall / Painting – Drywall needs to be installed and finished. Entire interior of house needs to be painted. Walls, cabinets, trim and moldings
Floor repair – Areas of repaired hardwood need staining. Floors need to be scrubbed, cleaned and shinned.
Cleaning – Entire interior of house needs to be cleaned. Exterior needs to be pressure washed and debris removed from around the house.
Tree Trimmers – Multiple trees need to be trimmed. Limbs on roof and encroaching on house.

Love at First Sight

Abortion is a prevalent spiritual, emotional and physical health epidemic in the United State. Females and families in our service area are not immune to this phenomenon. In July 1990, what began with a small group of church members from The First Christian Church of Demopolis, efforts to create a crisis pregnancy center in our area began. A 501c3 status was established. The center’s mission is “to affirm life by providing a network of services to those experiencing pregnancy related crisis and by presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives for God’s glory.” The center is committed to serving abortion minded clients as a priority. It is the center’s goal to make our center the number one place where persons in a crisis pregnancy come, and that by their encounter with the gospel presentation and the love extended by our staff, salvation is accepted or reaffirmed and life is chosen for their unborn. The West AL Sav a Life Pregnancy Center serves a large geographical region including Marengo, Sumter, Greene, Perry and a portion of Hale counties. These are rural areas with low socio-economic income levels. The University of West Alabama is located 25 miles from our center, whereas The University of Alabama is located 70 miles from our center in Tuscaloosa, AL. The University of Alabama is the largest university in Alabama and in Tuscaloosa is the largest abortion provider clinic in AL. Tuscaloosa is the city of choice for shopping, recreation, and health needs for persons in our service area. The abortion clinic there offers anonymity for persons from our area at a convenient distance. Our goal is for our center to be a first choice location thereby eliminating the Tuscaloosa abortion clinic as a choice location. By going medical and offering ultrasound services, our center will increase the number of clients seeking knowledge of a viable pregnancy and thus increase our opportunities to share the gospel and save lives – spiritually and physically.
In order to go medical, our center is moving to a larger space that meets legal requirements. The new space has rooms requiring minor renovations, such as solid doors and a pass through window in restroom, to the creation of new walls to create office spaces. Plans are being drawn to make the new space functional with the least amount of renovation and expense. Final plans and an itemized work list with required materials are in process. We will also need a sink in the ultrasound room and a new toilet in restroom to meet ADA code.
It is our goal to have all renovations completed by October 1. 2020. We trust our Lord to provide labor and materials for this move. Please contact our director, Tanya Carter, for more detailed information, a proposed blue print plan for renovations, and/or a visit to our new center location.

FBC Chickasaw Project

At First Baptist Chickasaw, AL we are in the beginning of a church revitalization process. Our church is made up of older facilities and our congregation is made up mostly of senior adults. This means we are not in a place where we can't afford to pay someone to come in and make repairs and we can't have church members do them due to age. We are a growing church but our facilities are a huge black cloud over the positivity. Our roofing system on our sanctuary is a complicated and needing to be replaced. It is costing us almost $300,000.00 to replace it. and so we don't have money to do other things, so we are in much need of help. The following projects are what we need the most help on:

Wooden flooring laid in our offices and Sunday school rooms.
Electrical outlets repaired in our sanctuary.
Sidewalks built.
Painting done throughout our campus.
Kitchen installed in our gym building.
Cover built over sidewalks.
Concrete block wall knocked down in our children's area.
Light fixtures replaced.
A wooden wall built around our air conditioning systems.

We would be very grateful for any assistance that anyone might be able to provide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Luke 4 at Forest Park Renovation

Our new Luke 4 Counseling Center has received some incredible upgrades! We are in need of a small team (4-6 people) to help paint (relatively small, indoor paint jobs), clean, hang pictures, in preparation for our late October Open House! You can contact Donna (the director) at the office 334-269-5726 or on her cell 334-303-4421 for more information.

Matthew 25 Roofing

After a wonderful disaster relief team cleared trees and limbs endangering our Matthew 25 building (where the client choice food pantry is located), we discovered two dire needs existing on one wing of the building:
1.) the decking beneath the roof is badly buckled and needs to be replaced. (The resulting leak was repaired from the inside attic but the decking issue was not addressed); and the shingles in that section of the roof need to be replaced.
2.) the soffit and facia were damaged by a tree that grew out of the shrubbery, poking a hole in the soffit. Section of soffit and facia need to be replaced, and then painted.
Donna (the director) may be reached if there are more questions at the office 334-269-5726 or on her cell 334-303-4421.

Building in the kingdom of God.

The sanctuary, fellowship hall and Parrish needs a new roof. The engineer says it will take seventeen bundles to do the project.

Steeple Renovation

Our church's steeple has begun to leak. We need someone that can lift it off for repairs and then replace it back onto the roof. The roof on one side of the steeple was re-shingled about one year ago due to storm damage. We have a company for other side if the steeple can be removed. If replacement that is not feasible, we would repurpose the steeple around the church in some manner.

St. John dreamed it. Help us breathe life into it.

For fifteen years, the newly built St. John Baptist church has sat empty. In terms of square footage, the church is approximately 26,000 square feet. In the past three months, we've had about six funerals. One of those people was my mother. The funeral services for our members have been handled by other churches for the past fifteen years. My first attempt to find help failed in 2017, so I gave up, but the Lord encouraged me to try again. So here I am.

Sheryl Clayton
May God bless you!

DeKalb Baptist New Building

The Dekalb Baptist Association is relocating and will need assistance with restructuring the interior space of the new building. We are moving from 218 Parker Ave Rainsville to 1018 Main Street West Rainsville. The new location would better suit the needs of our association and allow more funds to be directed towards mission work. We need to take out some existing walls and erect new ones to make better use of the space. We also need help with redirecting some of the plumbing to allow for an extra bathroom and shower room for missionary use. After all of this is done we will need help with painting the interior walls.