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The purpose of this page is so your church can take advantage of items other churches have made available for you to use. 

Item: Judgment House Props and Materials

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A Montgomery congregation would like to give away to the right church or association the props/ministry resources of an excellent mass evangelism tool called "Judgment House." In addition, they are prepared to provide first-year coaching to the appropriate church or association that may use these materials to build an annual fall outreach ministry for their town or community. Please contact Director of Missions Neal Hughes for more information: 678-622-1056.

Item: Church Pews


Our church is upgrading its seating in the Sanctuary. We are parting with our church pews. We prefer for them to go to someone/someplace where they can be used again.

$100 each - Will Donate and potentially deliver if going to a church/ministry.

W have the following lengths:
30 pews @ 21ft 6in
2 pews @ 18ft 6in
2 pews @12ft 6in
2 pews @ aprox 6ft

These pews are still in good condition!

Item: Thomas Organ


Thomas Organ. Worked when put in storage.

Item: Upright Piano

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West County Line Baptist Church of Opp, AL, has a low profile upright piano is available for free to any church that needs it.

Item: ETC Ion Light Console


Installed in 2010 and removed from service in 2018. Was still running at time of removal.

Includes everything you see in the pics. Monitors, cords, consoles and 2 banks of faders.